Watery Desktop

Watery Desktop will animate your desktop background wallpaper with beautiful water effects, such as waves and rain.

Dynamic Video Wallpaper

With Dynamic Video Wallpaper you can greatly enhance your desktop by playing beautiful videos as background wallpaper.

Beautiful Space

Animate your desktop background wallpaper with the beautiful 3d space scenes!

Snowy Desktop

Snowy Desktop is a dynamic wallpaper that is perfect for the Holidays or during the Winter season.

Space Journey

Animate your static desktop wallpaper with the flying through depths of mystical space!

Desktop Flag

Desktop Flag brings you the patriotic spirit of a proudly flying flag of your country on your wallpaper.


Animate your desktop background wallpaper with the effect of going into hyperspace jump!

Space Wormhole

Animate your desktop wallpaper with the effect of flying through a space wormhole!

Soft Shines

Soft Shines is a dynamic wallpaper which will relax you with soft shines on your desktop wallpaper.


Hyperstars is a dynamic wallpaper which will animate your desktop with an effect of jump to hyperspace.

Space Dust

Space Dust 3d dynamic wallpaper will fascinate you with the fabulous flying through a space dust.

Dynamic Wallpapers for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7

We cannot even think of our personal lives without personal computers at home or office. Computers have just become the integral part of our daily life. Most often we all love to decorate our surroundings, including the personal computers according to our personal styles and preferences so that it reflects our perception, and people know and appreciate that particular PC belonged to us. The dynamic wallpapers on the desktop provide one such customization methods for personalization of our personal computers. The website hosts a virtually unlimited number of animated wallpapers that you can download according to your personal interest and style. The dynamic wallpapers transforms your desktops into the wonderful piece of art, absolutely making it live with animations which you can watch during a few relaxing moments of awesome delight.

Designs available to choose from

The variety and design of the dynamic wallpapers are incredible, and you will certainly love to share them. The variety of wallpapers ranges from flags of the water world, nature and 3D animations. The advanced graphical designs are the cornerstones of these animated wallpapers, and you make your computer's look unique among its kind when applying these live wallpapers.

Why download dynamic wallpapers?

Dynamic wallpapers simply lighten up your boring desktop and can be a real fun to watch these while resting a bit between tidy working schedules and downloading the animated wallpapers that suits your interests such as flags, nature, space or 3D designs help you customize your working environment according to your preferences. Irrespective of your age and gender you will certainly enjoy these moving wallpapers. This site hosts a massive collection of animated wallpapers that are updated everyday so that you have the options for downloading your favorite wallpapers for your PC. You can choose the color and design of these dynamic wallpapers according to your tastes and preferences. The natural sceneries that form the background of most of the animated wallpapers provide stunning views and greatly enhance the beauty of your desktop and look really cool while moving.

Downloading animated wallpapers:

Mostly, the dynamic wallpapers available for downloading on the site belong to 2D or 3D categories. The technical specifications for using these moving backgrounds includes windows 10 32 or 64 bit, windows 7 or 8 operating system with at least 32 MB video memory, 800 MHz of processor and Direct X version 11.0 or higher support. You can click on the download icon located along the dynamic wallpaper to download your selection within a few seconds. If you feel bored with seeing the same animated wallpaper each day, you can simply visit the website and download other wallpapers, and this makes it very interesting to use dynamic wallpapers.